Oracle Connection Manager (CMAN) is a little known tool that provides a database proxy server and network access control for Oracle databases.  This is a summary and a copy of a presentation that I presented about CMAN to the Sydney Oracle Meetup.

The official description is that “Oracle Connection Manager is a multipurpose networking solution that offers increased scalability, multiprotocol connectivity and secure network access control.”

In reality Connection Manager is -

  • A specialized type of SQL*net listener
  • that functions as a database proxy server
  • hides where the underlying database is (you connect to the DB via the CMAN server)
  • can provide firewall like filtering for db access control
  • can work in conjunction with DataGuard to present only the "primary" database to db clients

You should look at using CMAN if you want -

  • better control of DB access
  • you do not want client access to all databases on a server / cluster
  • transparent access to the primary DG DB regardless of what site it is running at
  • DBA control of DB access - controlled access for "fat clients"


The presentation describes how to install CMAN, how to configure it for redundant HA operation and some commands for managing CMAN.

for further detail please look at the attached presentation.


Download this file (cman.pdf)cman.pdf[Using Oracle Connection Manager for seamless HA DB connectivity]809 kB