One of the things that I do in my spare time is build and maintain the websites of a couple of the organisations that I'm involved with.

One of these is the Australian Plants Society.

This is a Joomla based website that has extensive information about Australian native plants.

It has members only logins and content, a discussion forum, copies of newsletters and the published journals. It is in the process of being further extended by the addition of an on-line subscription system.

For more detail, here is some documentation on "A Guide to the APS NSW Website".


A Guide to the APS NSW Website.

This is an overview of the various parts of the main page of the APS NSW web site. The numbers below match to the numbers on the image of the web site. If you want to view them in more detail it would be advisable to open your web browser with the web site open –

  1. Breadcrumbs – shows the pages that you have recently visited – you can click on these to go back to a specific page.
  2. Main Page Header – a banner image that appears at the top of all pages.
  3. Top Menu – links to main areas on the web site, stays at the top of all pages.
  4. Main Menu – similar to the top menu, has links to the main APS website areas.
  5. Resources Menu – links to useful resources / sections on the APS website.
  6. Most Popular Articles – these are the most viewed articles on the website.
  7. Featured Articles – a central area that shows the current featured articles. These can be changed / reordered to suit the current requirements.
  8. Search – you can search against all of the website articles here.
  9. Newsflash – randomly displays one of the “newsflash” articles.
  10. Website Login and Registration – used to login to the website (to access the members only content).
  11. Forum Latest & Who’s Online – when logged in it shows the most recent forum updates & who is currently logged in.
  12. Latest News – shows the most recent updates to website articles
  13. Facebook “Like” area – allows you to “like” the APS NSW Facebook page.
  14. Random Photo – a random photo from the selection of website images.

When you are logged in you will also see a “User Menu” (bottom left), the “Login” area will change to show that you are logged in, and the “Forum Latest” will show more detail.